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Janitorial & Maintenance Page

Multi-Sport Lemon-All is a pleasantly scented, highly concentrated disinfectant cleaner that, once diluted, can be used on any surface unaffected by water alone. Just 5oz of the concentrate, diluted with water, provides an excellent broad-spectrum disinfectant cleaner for your entire facility.

Multi-Sport Lemon-All is the perfect match for your fitness room members as a sanitizing cleaner to wipe down the equipment (Hygienic Facility Wipes is another fine choice). Can also be used as a sanitizer wash after cleaning the showers with our Multi-Sport Clear Shower concentrated acid cleaner. Use Multi-Sport Lemon-All for all of your disinfectant and sanitizing needs.  

Multi-Sport Clear Shower is an acid-based, highly concentrated cleaner for your showers and any other wet areas (steam rooms, whirlpools, etc). This product is formulated with mild acids that are strong enough to remove built-up soap scum and soil deposits in the grout without harming the shower or grout surface.

Multi-Sport Clear Shower can be used safely on all types of tile, terrazzo, slate and even fiberglas surfaces. When used in conjunction with our Multi-Sport Lemon-All there is no better way to clean your showers!  

Maintenance Tip

For safe and effective cleaning and disinfecting of your shower area follow these procedures: Hydro Foamer & Sprayer
  1. Using our Hydro Foamer Gun, foam our Clear Shower, in a sweeping motion from top to bottom (including the floor) onto the surface to be cleaned and allow to sit for 2-3 minutes (dwell time).
  2. Using a stiff bristled brush, lightly scrub the surface that has been sprayed with the foaming cleaner.
  3. Rinse the surface (also from top to bottom) with your hot water hose (usually a red industrial hose).
  4. Using our Hydro Sprayer Gun with the fan tip with our Multi-Sport Lemon-All, lightly spray the surface from top to bottom (including the floor) with a sweeping motion.
  5. Rinse the floor only (there is no need to rinse the walls).

Multi-Sport Nature's Choice is a safe, non-toxic, bacterial enzyme product that uses the most natural way to clean and deodorize your bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Completey biodegradable, Nature's Choice contains millions of hungry good bacterium that actually ingest contaminants found on sinks, in and around toilets and urinals and in the shower areas, thereby not just cleaning the surfaces but leaving them germ free!

Even after you've cleaned with Nature's Choice the enyzme action keeps working in the grout lines and even under the surface. The odor-causing organic matter is ingested and, thereby eliminated. Just dilute with water, as recommended and either spray or mop onto the surface. Can also be used in an automatic extraction unit.  

Multi-Sport ChemZyme Digestant uses has a similar makeup as Multi-Sport Nature's Choice but with bacteria-specific enzymes for the treatment of drains and septic systems. Just follow the directions on the label as to how much to use in each drain or trap.

Multi-Sport ChemZyme Digestant goes to work by ingesting any organic matter that is found in the drains or traps including grease, soap deposits, food, etc. Safe to use in either copper or PVC pipes, ChemZyme Digestant will elimnate odors by eliminating the source and help keep your drains running smoothly and effectively.  

Court Care Products

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

The above quote is especially true in the sports and health club industry because one of the biggest challenges is keeping your facility in shape. Not only do preventive maintenance procedures save you money in the long run, they also help you to maintain your competitive edge in your industry!

In today's marketplace a dirty, uncared-for club could become a ghost club. An important part of what makes your members want to stay your members is cleanliness. If your facility experiences a lot of downtime due to a lack of maintenance you will lose members!

One of the many ways that we can help you maintain your facility's cleanliness is with cleaning systems such as Court Care for your basketball, squash and racquetball court areas. Court Care! is not a single product but a combination of complimentary products that, when used properly and regularly, will help you maintain your competitive edge!

ChemPower Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrate is our #1 top selling janitorial product! We have combined a superior blend of synthetic detergents and builders to provide fast cleaning action and emulsifiers to penetrate and remove greases, stains, wax buildup, rubber marks, and many forms of graffiti. Extremely concentrated for economy.  
This product can be diluted for many different uses:
  • Chempower HD: Dilute with 5 parts water for removing black ball marks on raquetball and squash court walls.
  • Chempower MD: Dilute with 10 parts water for a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser (much like Formula 409), which will remove marks on walls, black rubber marks on court floors (rinsing afterwards is recommended) and even as a soap scum remover for showers and whirlpools.
  • Chempower LD: Diluted at 20 parts water will provide an excellent general purpose spray and wipe cleaner for all types of applications on surfaces unaffected by water alone.

Neutraclene Damp Mop Cleaner Concentrate is safe and economical for cleaning pre-sealed wood floors, rubber surfaces, etc. Cleans the surface without leaving a film and is an excellent product for aerobic floors, basketball and gym floors, etc.

Neutraclene Damp Mop Cleaner has a pleasant fragrance and maintains a neutral PH, therefore does not require rinsing.  

Other accessories that we would recommend for your Court Care System are a sprayer bottle filled with Chempower HD, a cleansing sponge (white/yellow), an anti-bacterial mop and mop handle and a Ruf-Face long handle Strip Washer for easy removal of marks on floors.
Team up with us in the fight against grime!

We can't do the cleaning for you, but we can certainly try to make the job a bit easier and more efficient by providing you and your facility with everything you need to do it right the first time!

We are here for you to answer any questions and to provide solutions to tough cleaning problems you may experience at your facility!

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